Spring/Summer Card Kits

Let’s talk about Card Kits today, specifically the Spring/Summer Card Kits.

Aren’t they just beautiful? Do you have a favourite? I really can’t choose as there are bits of each one I love.

‘Lots of Happy’ it really is. Have some fun colouring with the beautiful Watercolor Pencils. With added embellishments of Vellum, Ribbon and Gold Foil there is something for everyone.

When making this kit up one thing became apparent. The hexagon shaped card will not stand up on a point. So I found that turning it into a tent fold card would work better!!

The Perennial Birthday is just too pretty. I love the flowers that are used and are in the stamp too.

This kit is great as a gift or you could make them up and give them as a gift. They are so easy to make up. It’s what I call mindless crafting. I don’t have to think about what colour to use or colour combinations or which stamp. Everything is there for you to make up stunning cards.

One minor thing I found with this kit is this card. The instructions tell you to adhere the ribbon to the card base but the image that goes with it shows the ribbon adhered to the tag on the front. If you do this as stage 1, like it says, the you can’t stamp, stage 2, as the ribbon makes it uneven.

Learn from my mistakes. Do all your stamping first. It’s so much easier. Then you can just make them up.

Anyway, I’m off to finish making up the other cards now.

Happy Crafting 😊

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