My Color Me Happy Project Kit

I just love this kit. The fact that I can use my blends, get great results and make these lovely cards is just perfect.

I made up all of this kit except for one of each as I wanted to show you how easy the cards are to make.

My first thing to advise when you first open this kit is to put all the relevant pieces into piles, so each cards elements are all together.

Next, ensure you have the pieces you need to stamp the correct way round. For example, on the flowers ensure the flat part of the triangle is to the top and your banner tails are on the left.

Next point, stamp all your images. So for me I stamped Thankyou, Flowers, Birds then lanterns. Once I had stamped everything I went back to Thankyou and started my colouring.

I didn’t blend on this one, just coloured.

For the flower one I actually stuck the gold trim over the join of cardstock and card base as I am hopeless at angles and lines!

I loved the effect of the Blends and Color Lifter on the birds. It really adds dimension to them.

I have to confess that the Laterns card is my absolute favourite. The colouring on the Laterns looks amazing and the Blends did all the hard work. It makes images look so much better, professional even.

I will certainly be playing with these alot more now.

Happy Crafting 😊

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