Christmas Candle

I have brought another candle to you today, but this time they are Christmas ones!

I have chosen to do some candles again as a lady commented on one of my previous tutorials that she was hard of hearing and struggled to follow the videos. So I thought I would do another tutorial but this time add more written instructions on here.

To start off you need a candle, some tissue paper (preferably white or cream, depending on the colour of your candle) and some wax paper (I purchased a roll off eBay for around £2)


Once you have chosen your image you need to simply stamp it onto your tissue paper. Ensure it isn’t too creased and stamp on the smooth side (most tissue paper has a smooth and less smooth side)

Cut around the stamped image but make sure you don’t touch it as it will smudge. Once cut out, place it where you want it on your candle.

Wrap some wax paper round the candle, holding your stamped tissue paper in place. Turn on your heat tool and heat the tissue paper through the wax paper. You will see the edge of the tissue paper disappear and it will appear to sweat. Don’t stay in one place too long as you are technically melting the candle slightly.

Once you’re happy the tissue paper has been melted into the candle, switch off the heat tool and gently peel the wax paper off. If there are any places that haven’t stuck or melted then gently reheat but you won’t need to re-apply the wax paper.

All you need to do then is either add embellishments or tie a ribbon round it.

I added Rhinestone Gems to this one and stamped with Soft Suede.

With this one I added Pearl Gems and stamped with Crumb Cake.

I hope it is easy enough to understand and you are able to follow this guidelines. Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this project or any others.

Happy Crafting ?




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