Flower Top Dome Gift Box

Today’s project is actually a variation of another Demonstrators project. The very talented Carola Tidl- LeilanLinz

Carola created the basic ‘dome box’ but I altered it slightly to give it a ‘flower’ top!

In the picture above you can see Carola’s box in the Lemon Lime Twist colours.

My two have been altered slightly to give them the appearance of a flower top.

So to make these you will need a piece of cardstock 7.5″ x 2.75″ and DSP measuring 7.5″ x 2″.

Both Card stock and DSP need scoring at 2.75″ on either end. The card stock also needs scoring at 3/8″ down either side.

To make the flower top you will need a scoring tool and something round! I used an embellishment pot.

Measure the centre of the main piece, which is 2.5″ and score a line down 3.5″. Using you rounded item score round it from the 3.5″ mark to either edge.

The tutorial below shows you how to make up the box’s.

These would be great to hang off a christmas tree or as favours at a wedding as they are a generous size too.

Thank you Carola for the original design.

Happy Crafting ?

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