3D Thursday Test Tubes sweets

Yes, that’s right, sweets in a test tube. I just couldn’t resist doing something different.


Don’t these just look like fun for party bags, wedding favours or just for fun.

Obviously you have to find sweets small enough. I managed with Tic Tacs and Millions. I found that Jelly Tots, Smarties and Skittles were just too big, although you could just get bigger Test Tubes.

The Test Tubes were purchased from Amazon and weren’t very expensive, however I have recently purchased some more (for another project!) and I got those off eBay, again, not too expensive either. They do actually come in a variety of sizes. Mine are 11cm long and have a diameter of 15mm.

 To make the box you need to start with a piece of DSP measuring 6 1/4″ x 3 1/2″ . Score every 3/4″, so 3/4″, 1 1/2″, 2 1/4″ and 3″. Rotate and score 1″ and  5 1/4″ . Fold and burnish score lines.

Cut up the bottom tabs ( the 3/4″ tabs) and remove the small tab on the right. To punch the window you will need to fold the tab under the next panel. This will allow the punch room to get to the front panel. There are not many punches that do actually fit. Banner Banter, Word Window and  3/4″ circle punch were the only ones I found fit nicely.


Once you have punched the window you can go ahead and adhere the side tab and fold up the base. Pop your test tube inside and  you can either close the top with a peg or punch a small hole in the top with the 1/8 hand held punch and tie up with twine. To get the closure simply hold the box top with your thumb and middle finger and use your first finger to push the middle in and pinch the top closed.

I found the Teeny Tiny sentiment stamp set and the Word Window punch ideal for this project as they both fit nicely on the side. Candy dots just finished the box off.

I just love these and think that kids will too. Have fun making these and seeing faces when they are handed over.

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