3D Thursday Tiny bag

3d Thursday

Here is my first of many 3D Thursday projects.

As you can see, they are tiny little bags, just big enough to fit in a single Mentos Mint.  I’m sure you could fit in some other tiny sweets or just make the bag a little bigger to fit a sweet or chocolate of your choice.

This would be ideal for putting on a table for after dinner or as a tiny gift for dinner guests as they leave. Alternatively you could make them up and put them on a serving plate or bowl for guests to help themselves or have them as an addition to a party bag.

They are very easy to make and take only a few minutes.

You need a pices of DSP measuring 3.5″ x 2.5″.

With the long side across the top score every 1″, rotate so the short side is across the top and score at 1″. That’s all the scoring done. Fold and burnish your lines and cut the bottom tabs and cut away the bottom right tab.

Run snail along the side tab and adhere to the back then fold in the bottom flaps and snail the last one (the front) to make the base.

To make the top closure you simply need to pinch the top together. With your thumb on the front and middle finger on the back, use your first finger to push the sides in and guide the front and back together. Do both sides at the same time and then put a clothes peg on to hold the bag closed.

For the decoration I used the Banner Banter bundle.

I think these are just so cute.

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