About me and my blog

As the title says, this is just a starter to tell you a little bit about me and my blog.

I don’t intend to rattle on and bore you, so I will keep it simple and straight to the point.

I started crafting around 3 years ago, just making cards. I had a full time job and a 2.4 family ( two dogs and a cat) so had very little time to myself for crafting.

Unfortunately my full time job came to an end (I’m not going to bore you with the info) but now have all this time for my passion.

I never really got on with stamping in the past. I realise now that it was due to not having the right products and being somewhat of a novice.

It was by pure chance that I came across Stampin’ Up!

Once I looked at their products and how everything co-ordinated, I was hooked.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I actually love stamping and that is now due to having the correct tools for the job, and Stampin’ Up! makes it so easy.

I browse through the catalogue everyday and want everything in it and (to add to the already amazing products) they have a weekly deal. Every Wednesday they have a few items that they reduce, just for 1 week. It’s great for crafters who want a bargain and want to add to their collection. On top of all of this, they also have Bundle and Save. This is where you can get your stamp set and co-ordinating punch or thinlits (These are explained in my second blog) at a reduced price rather than buying them separately.

Right, so I actually have rattled on a bit now but I just love this company and these products so much. I just want you to share my passion.

I do hope my blog is informative, inspirational and helpful.

Feel free to add any comments, but please be kind.

Thank you and Happy Crafting.

from Sally Shaw

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